Kevin Langer

Design Thinking Workshops


Overview: Design Thinking is a methodology used to tackle tough problems. Design Thinking Workshops lead groups through challenges by helping them understand who the user is and what they need to do, in a time-boxed setting. As facilitator in these workshops, I showed people new ways to approach issues, using a set of exercises and demonstrations.

Goal: Help participants understand the problem, and set them on the path to a solution.

Process: Design Thinking Workshops start before the participants arrive. We chose activities that participants would get the most use out of within the allotted time frame. We carefully crafted each workshop plan, and verified it with other workshop facilitators. Then we produced or sourced materials. When the workshop started everyone worked together for ideas, encouragement, and assistance. Each day the workshop ended with everyone leaving feedback on what they liked and didn’t like. This feedback was taken into consideration for changes to the schedule the next day. We worked to keep the workshops flexible, so they were optimized to the participants and their journey through the problems. At the end of the workshops, participants always wished they had more time to spend getting to know their users. Their work mindset had shifted to a more UX-centered state.