Kevin Langer


@Poll Everywhere

Overview: Poll Everywhere is an audience response system (ARS) that works with any web-connected device. Quarterly, and on special occasions, we published a newsletter-style email for a million of our most engaged users. It included new uses for the application, new features, contest announcements, and information on the weekly webinar.

Goal: The newsletter’s success metric was opens, along with clicks, to measure engagement. On a few occasions, the goal was to re-engage users who hadn’t logged in for a few months, and entice them to come back and create new polls.

Process: For each section of the email we wanted to a link back a blog or webpage on our site. This meant that for new features or other news, we had to make sure we had a landing site ready to go, before we could send out the newsletter. A content marketer would write the copy, and it would be vetted by list of stakeholders. I created templates and graphics, crafted the newsletter in HTML, tested the code for all major email clients, and then imported it into MailChimp for distribution. We usually made 3-5 different versions of the newsletter to target different user segments.

November 2015 newsletter
June 2016 newsletter
January 2016 newsletter