Kevin Langer

HTML Animations

@Poll Everywhere

Overview: Poll Everywhere is an audience response system (ARS) that works with any web-connected device. Because the application is lively and animated in a real-life audience setting, we wanted to capture that dynamic ‘wow’ moment in some of our landing pages. To do this we created animations that showed how the application works.

Goal: Since the animations would appear on a series of landing pages, the goal for them was to be engaging enough to improve the pages’ conversion rates.

Process: Since this was going to be a series of pages and the animations were time-consuming to make, we wanted to make sure we could capitalize on our efforts by reusing animations across the series. I created the HTML animations in a program called Hype3. Each was designed to last a few seconds and highlight a single function, or step in a process. Stakeholders reviewed the pages, and I gave them to a developer to publish.

Here is an entire landing page I made in Hype3 with several HTML animations.

Animation showing the survey creation modal.

Animation showing how to change the question type in the survey creation modal.

Animation showing how the live clickable image question is answered and displayed.

Animation showing how a mobile survey looks and the live progress visual display.