Kevin Langer

Landing Pages

@Poll Everywhere

Overview: Poll Everywhere is an audience response system (ARS) that works with any web-connected device. I designed landing pages to convey the benefits of Poll Everywhere and increase sign-up rates.

Goal: The majority of pages were made to drive conversions. They often had a target SEO keyword that played to our organic traffic strategy. Pages designed to inform the user were crafted with a specific CTA in mind, eg. ‘Try Q&A polling’.

Process: When I started at Poll Everywhere I built every page from scratch. First I drafted a medium fidelity layout, then added copy from the marketing team. Partnering with a content marketer, we made changes and added assets until the mock looked right. I submitted a high fidelity mock to stakeholders for review. If they had no further changes, I created a detailed mock with annotated directions for the developer.

Building each page from scratch was time-consuming, so eventually we moved to a componentized system for web pages. Using modular components, I drafted a layout with the content marketer’s copy. We made small changes, and finally produced assets for the page. A simple mock was then passed to a developer. It didn’t need annotations, since we had already documented each component’s parameters for the engineering team.

A landing page built around an SEO keyword of word clouds A landing page built around an SEO keyword of interactive presentations
A new enterprise landing page for Poll Everywhere's new branding The initial layout for the interactive presentations landing page
A landing page built around the comparison of Poll Everywhere and it's competitor The specs delievered to a developer to build a landing page