Kevin Langer

Pricing Page

@Poll Everywhere

Overview: Poll Everywhere is an audience response system (ARS) that works with any web-connected device. Because the concept of a live audience response SAAS isn’t exactly mainstream yet, the pricing model was confusing to new users. In order to make the signup process easier, I designed an experimental plans-and-prices page.

Goal: The goal of the page was to increase overall signups, especially for targeted plans which were spotlighted by the new design. A secondary goal was to increase enterprise leads for sales.

Process: The VP of Marketing conducted research into pricing models and layouts of other SAAS pricing pages. From that he created a brief of goals for the page, and passed it to me. Using Sketch I produced a first iteration of the page and user-tested it against our current page to see if it was producing the desired outcome. I paired with a UI designer to enhance the page based on feedback from the test. I produced and user-tested the second version. Then I submitted a final version to stakeholders for review.

The new pricing page for business & non-profit users An early iteration on the pricing page
The new pricing page for  higher-ed users A mid-level iteration on the pricing page
The new pricing page as viewed on a mobile screen One of the user test results for the new pricing page