Kevin Langer


Overview: Redbook is a communication app for the hospitality industry. Most hotels have a communication journal called a Red Book where they keep notes about the comings and goings of the property. The downside of this physical log is that it can only be in one location at a time. Also, it can be hard to read people's handwriting, and going back to find a specific bit of information is tedious. The Redbook app solves these problems and more by letting each user log into a simple, email-like app that can organize and prioritize the messages from coworkers at your property. Tagging a department in a post (instead of a person) lets the targeted department see those important messages on their dashboard for more immediate notification and response, regardless of who might be on duty that day. You can even see who is online in case you need to seek quick answers from someone in a specific department or find out who is the Manager on Duty.

Goal: Maximize productivity and communication between hotel staff by providing better functionality in their communication log.

Process: Working in a hotel I had first hand experience using a red book, but I wanted to know more about how other people interacted with it. I interviewed several colleagues, inquiring about their usage and what they liked and didn’t liked about the book. This helped me map out many pain points with the red book. From there I created low fidelity sketches for possible solutions to the problems, which led to some quick user validations and then wireframes. I created high fidelity mocks as a final step.