Kevin Langer

Sales Collateral

@Poll Everywhere

Overview: Poll Everywhere is an audience response system (ARS) that works with any web-connected device. Even though the application lives on the web, there’s always demand for printed collateral, usually for conferences and sales meetings. The sales department also uses PDF’s of the collateral as email attachments.

Goal: Engage customers and prospects with sales material – printed or emailed in PDF form.

Process: My first task was to investigate the purpose and distribution method of each piece of collateral. For example, sales collateral for a conference needed to be optimized for professional printing, while something used as an email attachment would appear in a PDF viewer, and perhaps get printed from an office printer. Once I knew the purpose and distribution method, I sourced copy from a content marketer. Then I created a rough layout, got feedback from stakeholders, and finalized it. Since Poll Everywhere went through a rebranding during my employment I had the opportunity to rebrand the sales collateral to be uniform and to adhere to our new branding. I user-tested several layouts and vetted them with stakeholders. The final product was produced in Adobe InDesign.

Rebranded sales collateral one pager Mocks for the sales collateral being critiqued by other designers
Early version of the rebranded sales collateral User testing layouts for the sales collateral
Low-fidelity mocks for the sales collateral